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Types of Mediation Offered: Family Law Mediation
Commercial & Business Mediation
In Court
Environmental & Planning
Indigenous Dispute Resolution
Community & Neighbour
Restorative Practices & Conferencing
Wills & Estates

Based In:
Serving In:
Continuing Practice Development (CPD) Hours:
i) attendance at continuing professional development courses, educational programs, seminars or workshops on mediation or related skill areas as referred to in the competencies (see the Practice Standards) (up to 20 hours)
ii) external supervision or auditing of their clinical practice (up to 15 hours)
iii) presentations at mediation or ADR seminars or workshops including two hours of preparation time for each hour delivered (up to 16 hours)
iv) representing clients in four mediations (up to a maximum of 8 hours)
v) coaching, instructing or mentoring of trainee and/or less experienced mediators (up to 10 hours)
vi) role playing for trainee mediators and candidates for mediation assessment or observing mediations (up to 8 hours)
vii) mentoring of less experienced mediators and enabling observational opportunities (up to 10 hours)
Trained By:
Foundation Mediation Training Year:
Code of Conduct: Australian National Mediator Standards - Australian Mediation Association Accredited Mediator
Australian National Mediator Standards - Other
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner - Attorney General's Department
Insurance Cover:

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