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Benchmark Standards for Mediators

The minimum benchmark standards for admission of a mediator under the Australian National Mediator Standards are, in summary format:

  1. Adequate training from a trainer or team of trainers with appropriate experience
  2. A requirement for some form of initial mentoring or co-mediating to gain experience
  3. Post-training Continuing Practice Development (CPD) and practice support
  4. Adherence to an appropriate code of conduct
  5. An appropriate system for addressing concerns and complaints
  6. Appropriate indemnity insurance


The Australian Mediation Register lists information about mediators who confirm that they meet minimum standards.

The information about each mediator is certified as accurate by that mediator. Information about mediators is not checked, vetted, monitored or verified by the Australian Mediation Register.

The AMR can only address concerns that an Australian Mediation Registered mediator has not shown that they comply with the Benchmark Standards.

Users of this website are deemed to accept that the Australian Mediation Register is not responsible for the accuracy of information about any registered mediator.

It is a condition of the use of this website that users will not hold the Australian Mediation Register, or the Australian Mediation Association responsible for any alleged loss or injury arising from information obtained from this website.

Mediators are responsible for maintaining a record of their own compliance with the AMR benchmark standards so that they can produce evidence if required to do so. Mediators are also responsible for keeping their SMR entry accurate and up to date.

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